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The Wrath of God

Last February I wrote a semi-comedic essay, "What's so Bad about Wrath?" It was a response to reactions to the Haitian earthquake and the co-joined notions that we should neither blame God nor the behavior of people for natural disasters, nor for that matter, any blip in personal happiness. My video log today is all seriousness. It connects the disaster of a broken economy and the thinking that makes the infanticide of abortion either a legal right or a rite of passage. In other words, by normalizing murder we manifest insanity. Insane people cannot make rational economic decisions, whether they head political parties, giant corporations or public employee unions. Their fights for saving the envionment and whales also go to naught. The only solution comes from above, and it is to reform our morality and behavior. Barring that, America is headed for worse, and many ordinary people by their nods and winks, yawns and silences will condemn themselves to Hell.

The Cost of Abortion Michael Vorst of RealCatholicTV goes straight to the economic and moral consquences of killing milions of babies--the should-have-been workers, tax payers and creative thinkers who might have led us out the current crisis.

You may not want to know what an abortion looks like, but to turn your back on this
short film from The Center of Bio-Ethical Reform will take you one step closer to numbing your soul.

Finally, Sid Roth interviews Bill Wiese, author of
23 Mintues in Hell. Here we learn what happens to people who keeping numbing their consciences to God.

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