“Once Upon A Time”

Once Upon A Time
Malibu Palms

Check it out before you buy. This is a three-chapter taste of my novel of political corruption, unlikely love and murder.

Joy Ride
This short story starts in a Pocatello shopping mall and races for a Pearl Jam concert in California as three punk kids who don't care if they die kidnap an old man who used to think he didn't want to live.

Real Deal TV
A short story based on television series idea that I pitched with Brenda Bell. Two career women run roughshod over a crew of malcontents selling shoddy merchandise for a shop-at-home channel that attracts a legion of weird callers and one stalker who mistakes packaging for love.

Dead Run
The screenplay features an urban sophisticate who flees a cheating husband, stumbles across a murdered family at a remote crossroads and is chased on foot into the mountains by their hired killers. A redneck hunting guide seems to be waiting like a knight in armor, offering an off beat love interest, but it's his macho butt that she has to save. Meanwhile hubby thinks he's coming to the rescue.

The Wedding, the War and the Speech
The chronicle of a small group of people, a continent away from Ground Zero, who tried to do their part to avenge the terrorists attacks on America. To paraphrase Dennis Prager, whose daily radio program is syndicated through KRLA Communications Group, there are times, even bad times, when it is one's duty to be happy. Otherwise the bad guys win.

Tracer Gets a New Car
America's first detective family versus a psychotic man-hater threaten to ruin a Little League championship. Unproduced TV pilot based on characters from
Tracer, Inc. and Neighborhood Watch.