Why I Will Not Vote for Obama

I was confirmed in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church a year and half ago. My Protestant faith led me there. I was not a good Protestant; nor am I a particularly good Catholic. However, both branches of Christianity have given me core beliefs that I cannot ignore when I vote on Tuesday. The following is my perception of the most fundamental issue. After this election comes a reckoning. It may be within hours, days, weeks, decades. It may come before you die. It will certainly come after.
In that time you will be asked, "What did you do?" The question will be in reference to babies yet born, who are helpless, who cannot speak for themselves. "What did you do for them?"

In the United States there are more parents eager to adopt than there are babies to place in their care. But abortion advocates are louder, and profit gives motive to the clamor to look at the unborn as so much extraneous tissue. On the supply side, the technology is cheap, and the economy of scale lowers overhead. All the consumer has do is put an average of $275 on her credit card, get the typically short procedure over with and get on with her life.

Often, however, doubts arise within women who have had abortions. At times shame and guilt hound the men who have urged them. This is the kind of haunting remorse that touches God's heart. God wants to forgive and heal. Because he is Love, he cares for the parents who decide to kill a child no less than the poor baby that has been killed. But Infinite Love is always holy, unerringly just, and has established absolute right and wrong. It is all-knowing about consequences of sin to the individual and to the nation.

Once we have done wrong, God desires with all His being to be the help we need to mend the brokenness. In the overwhelming number of cases, the person hurting has to ask Him to do something. If he is not asked, he usually does not intervene. Therefore most of the time in most circumstances, your choices become your judgment, and God has no choice, come the reckoning, but to throw one of our most crucial choices back at us.

"What did you do for My little ones?"

You do not have to have had an abortion to be complicit in the killing of babies. To be charged as an accomplice, you merely have to vote for politicians who advocate for the death of those who have done no wrong and are totally defenseless.

To offer other grave maters--the collapsing economy, health care, war--as more important than the slaughter of little ones will not be accepted as an excuse.

Catholics should know this for the sake of their immortal souls. An unprecedented number of priests and bishops have publicly chided so-called Catholic politicians such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Joe Biden, Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, because of attempts to pretend the issue is still up in the air for the Church. An October 26th
letter to The News Journal of Delaware by Bishop W. Fransic Malooly is but one of many official warnings to the faithful.

For the Catholic Church, truth cuts across all boundaries, applying to other faiths and even to "the fool (who) says in his heart there is no God."

In my last two posts, I have implied that there is
no heart to Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for President. Obama is the most radical pro-death politician on the national scene. He claims to be a Christian, but his unwavering work to kill babies even after they survive abortions points to a Godless secular humanism that most pro-abortionists would shrink from.

The link to the Catholic.org
video showing actual abortions is profoundly disturbing. If we can watch and not be moved is to demonstrate gravely seared conscience. If that is the case, God have mercy on us because we condem ourselves.