Moslems Are Just Like Everybody Else...Most Of The Time


Aw heck, this is the fifth anniversary of September 11, why not discharge my mind regarding Islam?

Most Moslems are like secular Christians and cultural Jews: they are not familiar with their scriptures; they are ignorant of dogma; they are mostly influenced by media and the people around them. In America it is TV, not the mosque, that infects the lives of young Moslems. Islamic volunteers for military service number about ten thousand and stand for the United States against all her enemies. There is nothing to worry about from the wannabe rocker or brave solider.

A whack job soldier is another matter. As are sociopaths in jails, to whom Islam gives legitimacy. America, unfortunately, is a country that lets a lot of psychos (regardless of race, creed or national origin) back into our neighborhoods. Our State Department keeps giving visas to radical mullahs who preach hatred from Dearborn to Dallas. In Washington, DC the Council on American-Islamic Relations makes polite talk out of foreign terrorist diatribes. Yes, they say, the World Trade Center shouldn't have been attacked, but then, U.S. favoritism to Israel is really at the bottom of all the world's wrongs. The American Civil Liberties Union treats it all like free speech. The press lavishes publicity and lobs softball quetions. Dan Rather's bizarre broadcast from pre-war Iraq might well have been called
The CBS Evening Stooge With Saddam Hussein. And things haven't changed. The major networks remain what Stalin called "useful idiots," those in the West who just didn't want to know about the communisms reign of terror or were covering up.

I hope there is something going on in secret because government at all levels appears most reluctant to probe the depth of freelance jihadism. That's when an individual who has been to the Middle East or has an Arabic last name happens to run over folks on the sidewalk outside a Jewish center, and if there's time, take out other infidels in the next block. Within minutes of this happening in San Francisco the Mayor became a psychiatrist and declared the perp mentally ill. The real fear of politicians, bureaucrats and opinion-makers seems to be that ordinary Americans will become intolerant if faced with facts. Or worse. They'll become patriotic. As any of our bettors on university campuses will tell you: nationalism is the problem. Or is it the environment that's the problem? I'm sure Jerry Falwell is in there someplace. Regardless, think globally, think peace otherwise the ozone will come falling down.

Overseas where the Arab Street snakes from Marseilles to Mecca and on to Manilla, there's a bearded imam at one end shouting the odds. At the other end lots of oil money flows. In between the average guy is a billion or so strong. Typically, he wants to read his smuggled
Playboy, not the Koran, but he's got a head full of crazy ideas put there at his mother's breast and in his schools. They boil down to: Jews are subhuman; the Bible lies about the Israelites ever governing the Holy Land; there will be 72 Centerfolds waiting for him in heaven. Well, waiting for a martyr anyway. And maybe not Centerfolds but virgins who should look pretty good if they're in heaven. Jews, therefore, have to be exterminated. Americans probably should be killed too, but they might come right under a caliph. Ditto for the Europeans. Maybe for everyone else who doesn't yet agree. After all, we invented the zero.

In spite of a mentality that weirdly combines Nazism and repressed sexuality with centuries-old grudges and arrogance about the accomplishments of others, most Moslems just want to conform to their neighbors' expectations--put their butts up five times a day for prayer, maybe riot after a particularly good sermon--but they don't want to become suicide bombers or get killed in a war.

That leaves a couple of hundred thousand who do and upwards to a couple of million more who would cheer them on.

It makes no difference anymore how or why we're fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we don't set our face to win those wars, take a long look at the junior high kids around you. When they grow older, it will be their blood flowing in our streets, with no guarantee they can finish the job.