Killing Fields

Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortion doctor, was shot to death on Sunday 31 May 2009. We should execute the man who shot Tiller. And Tiller should have been charged with murder years ago.

The video that follows is ghoulish beyond words, showing Tiller and his customers taking deadly decisions of convenience and trying to imbue them with perverse dignity. Tiller’s $5,000 package gave a mother her dead baby to hold, baptized the carcass and handed out a certificate of miscarriage. The horrors of his clinic were not- and will not be- reported by mainstream media because they are not in goose step with political correctness.

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Over the years I've heard Christians blithely say, "Satan can only deceive." It's the "only" I find fatuous. Deception in the Third Reich led to the murder of six million Jews and the destruction of Germany. In America since the Roe v Wade decision of 1973, deception has led to the murder of over forty-five million babies. Throw in America's figures with the rest of the world's, and last year's global body count was about forty-two million.

I'm not objecting here to medically necessary abortions, or those after rape and incest. But those numbers are infinitesimal compared to all the rest. Of the handful of women I know who have had abortions, none of them were protecting their health. They didn't want to be tied down, didn't want to interrupt their career tracks, didn't want to get married, already had too many kids or were embarrassed.

The figures vary, but let's say one in six of every woman who attends church has had an abortion. Some aren't sorry for their decision and are actively pro-choice. Others felt overwhelmed by shame and grief (sometimes years afterwards), and sought forgiveness. Of these, many are sure that God does forgive them and that He has not abandoned their unborn babies. A few still fight residual guilt because of the enormity of the act. Abortion kills a live human being, something small and helpless, yet even when microscopic, having the potential of becoming a Barack Obama or a John Lennon, both of whom were born out of wedlock. All of us need to contemplate the wasteful enormity that gets glossed over by media, politicians and feminist double-speak. I once had a young secretary who proudly spoke of her teenage abortion as it were a rite of passage into womanhood. I had sense enough to feel shock, but in those days not the kindness or wisdom to offer anything useful.

Heaven help us that we are a people who do not act as if God exists, that in the infinite wholeness of his life, he created our lives. He knows our every causal thought, keeps track of all our selfish desires and is repelled by our indifference. We survive only by his mercy.