Pass/Fail in the Afterlife

I used to get irritated when people talked about someone "passing" instead of saying straight that out so-and-so died. It was like in college and students breezily saying they were taking chem. Heck, I was flunking the full monte, chemistry. To give failure a diminutive didn't show the proper respect for the fact that my dad was really ticked off. But with further consideration, to say a person passed may not be so bad. Even though an individual does die--no kiding and no easy deal for the survivors--he also passes. The question is, Where to?

The link to Dr. Rawling's full documentary, To Hell and Back, is on Google. It also can be found broken into short segements on YouTube.

Michael Vorst takes no prisoners in his commentary Hitler and Hell.

Click the book image to Barnes and Nobel, or try Amazon and local bookstores. For a short personal review check out singer
Sheila Walch's commentary. Ms. Walsh's experience of reading Heaven Is for Real on an airplane and her reaction were similar to my wife's.