Election Special: George W. Bush, anti-Christ

Actually, I always thought the curse of God is Jimmy Carter, but I’m willing to let time decide. What I can't do is ignore the rest of the evils of the Republican Party. A partial list leaves a slime trail back to Richard M. Nixon, the first President in American history to.... Sorry, that was Clinton who was impeached. Nixon got out of facing the House of Representatives by resigning. What a weasle. Anyway, here’s the list:
• Jane Fonda posed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery while Ramsay Clark ass-creeping for the folks responsible for killing G.I.s. But at home a Republican Administration did not prosecute them for aiding and abetting the enemy.

• Naval lieutenant John Kerry returned from Vietnam, threw his purple hearts away and testified before a Congressional committee about all the rapists, baby killers and mass murderers with whom he served. He had never reported those atrocities to his superiors while there, and while here he was never charged with dereliction of duty. If you can believe what he said, it is possible he was an accomplice to war crimes. But he’s still running around, pouring vitriol on our troops.

• Republican President Gerald Ford was Commander-in-Chief of our cutting and running when the North Vietnam broke the Paris Peace Accords. We left our South Vietnamese allies to be killed or forced into Communist re-education camps.

• President Ronald Reagan said he was going to retaliate for the terrorist bombing of our Marine Barracks in Beirut. What he did was order all American forces from Lebanon, essentially inviting terrorists everywhere to have another go at us.

• KGB documents show that, while Reagan was calling the USSR an evil empire, Senator Ted Kennedy offered to help the Soviets with their public relations in America. But no one in the Administration brought him up on charges of treason. And he’s still free! Republicans must believe there is one law for the average guy and another for celebrities and alcoholics.

• Remember, “Read my lips”? Lying about tax increases was nothing to letting the foreigners of the United Nations dictate how far we could go in the First Gulf War.

• So now we have the Second Gulf War and George the Younger unable to understand that Islam is not a religion of peace. He is unable to understand that you are not a racist if you think Moslems in the Middle East (and Europe) aren’t ready for democracy. He is unable to understand that getting shot at from a mosque or an apartment complex should be the signal for that structure’s becoming a useful parking lot. And he is unable to understand that if Time-Warner through CNN embeds a reporter with an enemy sniper team, the CEO, bureau chief and the reporter all need to face charges of murder.

• Don’t get me started on illegal immigrants.

People say they are tired of the Iraq War. Most of the time most of those people haven’t lifted one finger of effort, haven’t fought or sacrificed or lost a loved one, haven’t sent a single letter to a soldier, haven’t prayed for the protection of strangers who are neighbors; have pretty much taken it easy with their pleasures and complaining.

What I'm tired of is supporting a President and donating to a party that doesn’t seem to take serious things all that seriously. They might as well be Democrats. This country is headed for a train wreck. Some Republicans are yanking the whistle cord. Other Republicans and most Democrats are shoveling coal into the boiler as fast as they can.

My friend Michael in Oregon puts it this way: "It's a choice of suicide or maybe squeaking by till old age."

That made it a no-brainer when I confronted the Touch Screen Voting terminal in Culver City last week. Rs all the way through. But, boy, I am pissed and can hardly wait for the party primaries. That's the time to vote the bastards out.