Reverand Oprah

This shouldn't be too hard. Imagine a world in which God is in you no matter what you've done. There is no sin; your salvation comes only from within; all ways lead to harmony and therefore you don't have to apologize for your way. Then imagine someone who puts your beliefs into action. But it just so happens that his way is to despise you, to lust after your spouse, to poison your dog and to refuse to pay back a debt. Without an absolute God Who is just and Who is jealous of His justice, broaching no other ways but His way, you end up with a lot of demigods at each other's throats. An observable fact of life is that there are few Janusz Korczaks, Deitrich Bonhoeffers or Mother Theresas in our midst. Most of us have secret thoughts we don't want out in the open, and at some time or other we have done crappy things that we know were bad. That should be cause for a bit of humility. Unfortunately, the more money and power a person has, there's the temptation to believe those blessing indicate that everything is OK. You're not like the herd; your motives are more pure. Humility need not apply. People answer to you, not the other way around. Thus someone like Oprah Winfrey is not likely to square her life to any standard except her own pleasure, her own will. She's thinks she is doing a noble thing by proselytizing her doctrine to people who watch television, don't do much thinking and are consequently as gullible as children. Her ideas ultimately will make them either very unhappy or so self-righteous that they won't know how close they are to Hell.