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Why I Believe in Purgatory

I don't know about Heaven--what it's like, who will be there.  I've read the biblical descriptions and heard people's testimonies, but they mean little to me.  God's having the appearance of jasper and carnelian encircled by a rainbow, sorry, I just don't get it.  It must be symbolic or reflective of something beyond imagining.  Before I was born, if you could have told me what it would be like outside the womb, I wouldn't have gotten that either.
What I do know is that Jesus is in Heaven, part and parcel of the incomprehensible glory, yet more familiar, "'like a son of man" even when he towers "with eyes like blazing fire."  As C.S Lewis wrote of  Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnja, he is not a tame lion.  Double ditto for the Lion of Judah.   By whatever title or form Jesus manifests himself, whether meek and mild or downright scary, I want to be with him. 
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