I've Just the Word. Kee-rap.

I started a blog called Three Weeks in Another Town. It was about spending three weeks where I normally live but this time sans wife who was half way around the world, which made everything different. I may still write it, but I suddenly buried those misadventures because I looked up where I got the title—the movie Two Weeks in Another Town, produced by MGM in 1962, starring Kirk Douglas, Edward G. Robinson and Syd Charisse. It isn't worth wasting time on unless you are a connoisseur of really bad movies.

I mean, Really Bad.
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What's so Bad about Wrath?


I try not to watch much television because it is like eating a Big Mac with fries and washing it down with a couple of 32-ounce Old Milwaukis: I never feel good afterwards. That was the effect of channel surfing past Pat Robinson and his critics regarding the earthquakes at Port-au-Prince. I initially found myself nodding in agreement that Haiti is cursed, but Robinson's clarification and the pot shots fired at him made me queasy. As cure and to help humanity, I need to return judgment and condemnation to their rightful places.

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Sixth Anniversary of The Proverb

In 2004 Todd Albertson, a bunch of friends and I had the crazy notion that we could shoot a short in film in the daylight hours of one winter day.

Two years later we finally found out that some people actually liked it:
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Dubai Detour

by Neil M. Andrus as told to his father

With the economy in shambles, I felt lucky to get a job through a family friend. I was to be a project manager at an overseas construction site. I wouldn't have to wear a tool belt anymore. I'd get a salary, not an hourly wage, and Uncle Sam wouldn't use of penny of it to bail out loser corporations.

There was a downside. I'd be issued body armor and taught to be proficient with a Glock 9 mm.
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The Hurt Locker


Malibu Palms earned a good review from Nicolas Chartier, one of four producers of The Hurt Locker (holding the coffee cup in the picture), when he bought my novel at Amazon.

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