Journey to Canadaland with Forays to Miscellany

A friend just returned from a curling contest in Creston, British Columbia, and informed me that I live only two hours from the Canadian border. News to me. Ditto for curling contestants being allowed to drink during play, which makes the game pretty much like bowling. That's the kind of small stuff I don't care about because my knowledge goes to The Deep Things.

For example, it's a mistake for Americans to think Canada is full of God-fearing, can-do, drunk bowlers like in the good ol' U.S. of A. In culture and politics Canadians are much closer to European socialists. The only group of Americans they resemble are members of the Democratic Party. To Read More...

One Big Ass Mistake America

Yesterday Congress passed a health care reform bill that none of its members read. It doesn't apply to legislators and their families. It required bribing representatives who seemed to waver by exempting constituents and special interests. It is not funded, but it does pass on a trillion-plus debt load to the various states when the country is the midst of recession. It will not affect how insurance companies do business but probably will have them increase political campaign contributions to congressional advocates of change we can believe in.


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If Jesus Came to San Francisco

Last fall just before I hightailed it from California, a Catholic lady gave me a photocopy of an article with the above title. It appeared a decade earlier in the San Francisco Chronicle under the byline Stephanie Salter. She echoed criticism of the Catholic Church hurled long before and still being trotted out today. With a slightly different vocabulary, the carping could splash over onto evangelical churches. To Read More...

He Ain't Heavy, He's Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks—actor, producer, featherweight thinker—has made some very silly comments regarding his understanding of World War II in order to flack The Pacific War, a miniseries he produced for HBO.

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I was put on a
horse at the age of three, behind my older brother. We lost him, and I ended up with the whole saddle dangling under the mare’s belly between her pounding legs. Lady was the name she came with. But Lazy we had called her until that day when we took the same route back to the barn as the one she had so slowly started out on. To Read More...

Ménage à Weird--Louis, Murrieta and Me

Let's call her Murrieta.

She had strong intellect and impetuous energy. Some would add eccentric habits. Very eccentric. Others would say she needed medication because she didn't sleep much and ate sugar by the box. She started a fire in the oven by toasting some one late night.

What I would say is that she once stayed with me and my family when we lived in Orange County. I was out of work, and she told me everything I wanted to hear, how an Indian reservation would finance every unproduced script I ever wrote. It was crazy time for me, a time when Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall,” and sure enough, it went tumbling down with chaos all around. To Read More...

Drop Your Pants and Say, "Ah," to Obamacare

Leftist ideology on socializing America is, "You don't know what's good for you, but we do." Thus they want us to trust Obamacare. The problem is, the Democrats in Congress who know better than we do are exempting themselves and their family members from having to undergo the same health care plan they want you and I to endure.

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