Tracer Joins the 21st Century

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In the mid-Ninties I wrote two novels about a laid-off middle-manager named John Tracer who decides to persue his childhood dream of becomig a private eye. His wife is sure that dream is a mid-life crisis. His new career and their homelife merge in what one reviewer characterized as “family cuteness combined with sociopathic slaughter.” The books were published by Scribner in hardover and were well received by critics and readers with twisted senses of humor. They came out in an era before anyone knew what an eBook was.

Well, technology has finally caught up with the Tracer Family. They still live in the last century, but you wouldn’t know it. Their depressed financial circumstances are more relevant today, and crime is just as bad. But they have morphed from the printed page to bits and bites, having been re-released in eBook form. In the next few months
Tracer Inc. and Neighborhood Watch will both be available at, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store and Kobo (formerly Shortcovers).

Today they may be purchased in Kindle (.mobi), ePub, PDF, RTF, LRF (for Sony Reader) and Palm Doc (PDB) formats, and in HTML and JavaScript for online reading.

Click on a book cover above to get the eBook version of your choice. I recommend you start with the first one and move on to the second, which starts one day after the first one ends.

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