Why I Will Not Vote for Obama

I was confirmed in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church a year and half ago. My Protestant faith led me there. I was not a good Protestant; nor am I a particularly good Catholic. However, both branches of Christianity have given me core beliefs that I cannot ignore when I vote on Tuesday. The following is my perception of the most fundamental issue. After this election comes a reckoning. It may be within hours, days, weeks, decades. It may come before you die. It will certainly come after. To Read More...

Now You Can Say You Know

Obama on Babies

If (my two daughters) make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.Senator Barak Obama

In other words, the Senator is willing to permit his grandchildren to be killed. "Killed" is a strong word, but when you are responsible, directly or indirectly, of ending the life of a human being, killing is what you're doing. If the human being is helpless and done nothing to you, murder is the better word.

Obama, his Worshippers and the Lovelorn

Today we start with stirring words--the ones which Senator Barack Obama ended the National Democratic Convention this summer when he took the crown as the Party's Presidential candidate.

To

Lord Obama

What the lads are chanting is, "Alpha, omega," as they enter the room. Some of you may recognize the allusion as from coming from The Book of Revelation, in which Jesus calls himself the Alpha and Omega. To Read More...