Knee Deep

Mel Tari says he walked on water, but the fact is, he was only knee deep in a miracle.

Some skeptics would say that negates the whole thing, but I'm one who wishes I had the same fire in my belly. Have a great Sunday.

Yo, Gargoyle

For three decades Bob Christiansen and Rick Rosenberg produced award-winning television. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, Red Earth White Earth and Gore Vidal’s Lincoln tip an iceberg of prestigious credits.

Not Brainy Gabriella
Then there was an early piece of flotsam called Gargoyles.

In ancient times gargoyles, sometime called chimera, served as drainage spouts for Egyptian and Greek temples built by pagans who apparently had never seen a rain gutter. After the rise of Christianity in Europe, gargoyles evolved from carved animal heads to more grotesque creatures.
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Funny Girl Meets Her Equal


She sings Christian pop and very well, mind you. Let me stress: she is extremely talented. But even as I praise her, my guess is she would not be thrilled if I used her real name. Her husband/manger/lead guitarist probably would come me looking for me.

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